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Old way

Most Times Today, The Traditional "Archaic Methods" Of Repairing Credit Reports Still Depends On An Approach Referenced To Being That Of And Doing A Long Archaic Tactic So Called "Factual Disputing". Unfortunately, These Seeming Obsolete Tactics Are Overly Reliant On There Actually Being True Injurious Erroneously Reported Information. Yet A 2012 FTC Study Indicated Only About 5% Of Consumers Has A Significant Error To Even Argue Against.

New way

Instead Of Unsuccessfully Relying On Any Traditional "Archaic Method(S)" To Repairing Credit Reports, Prodigy Surge Software Developed And Uses An Industry First Even Proprietary Set Of “SMART” Technologies Christened As The Original And Uniquely Advanced DRM & DLAAI Smart Technologies!

Obviously, Prodigy Surge Software’s State-Of-The-Art Techniques Used Are Equally Original And Uniquely SMART, The Averred Original Metro 2 Compliance Methodologies Authored First By Rodney Eugene Peak Form 1997 And Continually Form!

The OM2C Method Uses The Mentioned SMART TECHNOLOGIES To Ensure Our “Innovative And Progressive” Leveraging Of The Mandatorily Utilized Metro2 Standards Aids Our Users To Forge The Industry’s Easiest To Use Yet Also Most Ethically Efficient And Consistently Effective Credit Enhancement “Attacks” Ever In Existence. These Attacks Are BASED ON THE MOST RECENT TRENDS FROM THE VERY SAME CREDIT MAFIA ENTITIES OF WHICH IS “ATTACKED”!

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Prodigy Surge Software Features

Metro 2 Compliance Method

That is easy! Combined with our industry first DRM Technology (Detailed Results Matrix), Prodigy Surge's Metro 2 Compliance Methods-Focused Advanced DLAAI (Decision Logics and Attack AI) Technology allows users to most easily, efficiently, and effectively auto-generate Powerful letters based on a specific person's credit report. That Cutting-Edge Automation better aids user efforts to enhance credit report Health through reduced ratio of Bad versus Good items reporting which trends to enrich credit report wealth through elevated credit scores! Stop playing the guessing game, SIGN UP TODAY and start WINNING.

Zero Monthly Fee

No monthly subscriptions

100% Compliance

100% ETHICAL yet ULTRA EFFECTIVE 100% COMPLIANCE-FOCUSED software. Never worry again if your tactics are in compliance of ETHICAL PRACTICES expectations. The ORIGINAL METRO 2 COMPLIANCE METHOD(s) aka O2MC Method(s)…

Our Metro 2 Compliance Focused Advanced DLAAI (Decision Logics and Attack AI) technology allows for super easy and efficient auto generated information based on a person's credit report to be most adequately "attacked" in efforts to enhance its report health with less bad data with better. This is done in hopes for enriching the scores too! Stop playing the guessing game, SIGN UP TODAY with zero Hassle.

Auto Generated Letters

Prodigy Surge's Advanced DLAAI technology locates data furnishers with account deviation(s) and attacks for report-ability privilege, certification of compliant reporting procedures and format, and demands proof of lawful reporting above and beyond the procedural adherence, if any! There can be No Deviations From The Standard to retain trust in reporting INTEGRITY. Further, DEMANDS PROOF of LAWFUL REPORTING, be it compliant to standards or not. Finally, Requests REMOVAL of REPORTING until PROVEN of a MAXIMUM POSSIBLE adherence to LAWFUL REPORTING

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Why We Created Prodigy

Prodigy Surge was created out of a need for the industry's first (and still currently its only) compliance-focused consumer credit report enhancement Software utilizing the Original Metro 2 Compliance methodologies aka the OM2C methods. Prodigy Surge software is and will always aim to be affordable yet retain title as industry's indisputable "smartest", most ethical, most efficient, most consistently effective software for professionals and diy consumers alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GA is the nickname for a Generated Attack credit. One GA credit allows you a single generation effort for creating a single client's "attacks" (letters if you will) for all issues desired to "attack" including attack letters for each any and or all Bureaus/CRA/Repositories and every data reporter/creditor/collector a Prodigy Surge software user might desire sending out for hopes to most efficiently and most effectively reduce ratio of negativities versus not negatives reporting resulting in enhanced credit report health. This greater credit health typically simultaneously yields a more enriched credit report wealth too as the scores rise! Prodigy Surge software's OM2C Methods recommend a minimum of 4+ attacks for any issue as such a typical consumer client for a SU might be expected to need 4+ GA credits over the "business relation's life" between the consumer and SU (software user). Currently regardless if just 3 letters are even if 3000 letters created , the Prodigy Surge GA fee is only $21 OR LESS! With that, expect 4x$21 as minimal overhead needed to execute attacks for any consumer client, a whooping $84 of which you likely recovered in the analzing report phase? Be Blessed, Rodney Peak of OM2C Method AND Prodigy!

For PRODIGY SURGE SOFTWARE you do NOT need a monthly subscription. Uniquely, users of Prodigy can purchase attack credits, aka GA credits, on a "as needed" basis OR stock up if that is desired but either way it is essentially a Buy Here PAY HERE sort of existence for users and software of Prodigy! Now that said, there ARE affiliated products, services, events, programs, etc, that MIGHT be a FEE necessary thing, BUT AS FOR PRODIGY ITSELF, nope no subscription

Since there is NO SUBSCRIPTION necessary to use Prodigy because it is a BUY AS YOU USE OR WANT WHEN ABOUT TO USE OR WHEN WANTED, there is only a limit of customers you can do attacks for based on your elected desire to purchase attack credits aka GA credits! Some have none or 1 client, others 5-50, others 51-500, and others 501- to many thousands===> NONE currently pay greater than $21 each time using a single credit.

Prodigy was deliberately made to be a WORKFLOW-focused software NOT a client management software. THAT SAID, because the Prodigy "smart" technologies are so advanced and complex, it WAS NECESSARY even for Prodigy to program at least some CRM-like client management features. Users can use Prodigy's ULTRA EFFECIENT CSV ONBOARDING AUTOMATION to literally add 1 , a few or even TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS to Prodigy near instantly. That is a FREE feature in Prodigy but DOES REQUIRE patience and some know how to most adequately get it smooth and most efficient for your practice! There is the Client Portal of course, but it is efficient-focused so ultra no frills DELIBERATELY! Prodigy tries hard to ONLY ADD THINGS THAT INCREASE EFFICIENCY without injuring likelihood of EFFECTIVENESS! The Affiliate Portal allows users to have hired help assist them in their business be it executing attacks for you or onboarding clients or whatever an employee might would be expected to do. THIS SAME PORTAL, the AFFILIATE PORTAL also lets outside OUTSOURCING entities to use YOUR GA credits to do work for you there by allowing an outsourcer providing work to NOT unethically swipe business from very software helping THEM GROW THEIR's! The "OUTSOURCER" Portal is for you (as the software user) to BE THE "WORKER" for OTHERs be it another CRO or a Mortgage broker, a car lot, an attorney, or whatever. Simply send to whomever you wanna do work for your OUTSOURCER PORTAL LINK and BOOM, as soon as they self-onboard you have literal INSTANT ONBOARDING into your client management area WITHOUT you doing a single thing! Like the other portals this is deliberately No Frills so is a maximum EFFICIENCY-Focused! Do NOT allow me to forget Prodigy's PPAMS feature. This allows a user to execute attacks and be DONE! The PPAMS feature is a Printing and Mailing service offered by 2-3 super excellent PPAMS Providers that will PHYSICALLY PRINT OUT your attack letters, STUFF in physical envelopes, stamp and mail out PHYSICALLY. This is NOT a ONLINE MAILING SERVICE for which seems to have been trended for FLAGGING at credit mafia ( I have NO PROOF OF THIS, just seeing and stating well known TRENDS and with trends expectations get developed, NATURALLY) Although PRODIGY is not a CRM for say, PRODIGY is now (as of April 12th 2022) seamlessly integrated with the AWE-INSPIRATING SUPER CRM called MUSTARD crm! **MUSTARD is so awesome, Prodigy and Mustard are teaming up to have the MUSTARD ATTACKS available expected by late May or early June assuming nothing affects timelines (it IS a business you know, lol). FINALLY although not automation, I still can NOT avoid mentioning the PRODIGY SURGE version of the MY FREE SCORE NOW credit report monitoring service's report. THIS REPORT we labeled as the PNOM and with that come the PNOM ATTACKS made specifically for these specialized for PRODIGY software PNOM reports by My Free Score Now monitoring service. ^^^^DO NOT FRET, those NOT using the Prodigy version MFSN report (the PNOM) , will see NO DECREASE in benefits NOR results nor efficiency either. The PNOM is just an EXTRA KICK ASS TOOL that better aligns with Prodigy's OM2C Methods leverage points. With more suitable tools a surgeon can better operate or so it is theorized right? Well, as for Prodigy , there is NO REPORT than can give NEARLY as much LEVERAGE as used within Prodigy's attack systems! Once onboard and in a Prodigy-focused group amongst other super efficient-focused professionals and DIY users alike, be sure to inquire about the industry's ONLY true "SMART" technologies--BOTH inside PRODIGY and called the DRM technology and the advanced DLAAI technology which allows Prodigy to use real time statistical analysis to discover a sequence of statistical trends leading to AUTOMATED SOFTWARE ENHANCEMENTS DAILY in Prodigy based on most recent 90-days testing results. Prodigy continuously tests THOUSANDS of files LOOKING FOR TRENDS which allows the credit mafia TRIGGER Prodigy's Decision Logics and Attack AI "smart" technology aka DLAAI! AGAIN, Prodigy does NOT TRIGGER EOSCAR not does its attack letters and for that matter NO LETTER does any more so than a BLANK index card. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, the behavioral trends of credit mafia AND EOSCAR does IN FACT dictate what PRODIGY does and with that, they TRIGGER PRODIGY! LITERALLY the Credit Mafia is TELLING PRODIGY what to do to WIN! LOVE IT!